Custom Solutions for Improved ProductivityRepeatable quality custom solutions for Improved productivity


Why should you buy from Niagara Composites International Inc.?

Because we are THE ORIGINAL NORTH AMERICAN COMPOSITE BOW MANUFACTURER, serving the wire and cable industry since 1980.

  • We specialize in the fabrication of custom composite flyer bows featuring leading edge designs.
  • We deliver highly repeatable, competitively priced, first-time right, quality manufactured products.

When you partner with Niagara Composites International Inc., you benefit from the depth of our experience, our proven ability to adapt and innovate, and the reliability of our highly repeatable manufacturing techniques. Your 100th purchase will be identical to your first. We will meet and exceed your requirements with guaranteed repeatable quality that will help you achieve and maintain high productivity, and increase your bottom line.


  • Talk to us about our custom manufacturing capabilities, ‘Supply Chain Management’ purchasing programs or how we can best meet your specific needs.
  • Let us help with post sales analysis, problem/root cause diagnostics and documented solutions for improved productivity
  • Enjoy rapid response and flexible manufacturing techniques that ensure on time/on target delivery


  • Documented repeatable processes assure first-time quality
  • Innovative solutions provide improved performance for the end user